Corporate info

Headquartered in Meishan, Sichuan Province and started business in 2011, we are a Nevada company conduct our business in China through our wholly-owned subsidiaries. The Company are engaged in the research, development, manufacturing, sales and servicing of medium to large sized projected capacitive touchscreens. We specialize in large-format touchscreens, which are developed and designed for a wide variety of markets and used in the financial terminals, automotive, POS, gaming, lottery, medical, HMI, and other specialized industries.

Our product portfolio comprises medium to large sized projected capacitive touchscreens ranging from 7.0 inch to 42 inch screens. In terms of the structures of touch panels, we offer (i) Glass-Glass (“GG”), primarily used in GPS/car entertainment panels in mid-size and luxury cars, industrial HMI, financial and banking terminals, POS and lottery machines; (ii) Glass-Film-Film (“GFF”), mostly used in high-end GPS and entertainment panels, industrial HMI, financial and banking terminals, and the lottery and gaming industry; (iii) Plastic-Glass (“PG”), typically adopted by touchscreens in GPS/entertainment panels motor vehicle GPS, smart home, robotics and charging stations; and (iv) Glass-Film (“GF”), mostly used in industrial HMI. 

As a high technology company, the Company has received certifications from domestic and international institutions, such as ISO9001 Quality Management Systems (QMS) Certification of Registration, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System (EMS) Certification of Registration, and RoHS SGS Certification (Restriction of Hazardous Substance Testing Certification).The Company has 8 issued Chinese patents with exclusive rights to utilize the processes rights within the valid term.

The Company are dedicated to the production of high quality products that are tailored to the customers’ requirements and commercial needs. Maintaining the industry standards for product quality and sustainability is one of our core values.Our competitive advantages include:1)Our economy of scale lowers our cost and appeals to big clients with large quantity purchase orders; 2) Our centralized manufacturing facility enables us to produce all different products within the same location with batch consistency and quality assurance; 3)Our proprietary technology allows us to produce touchscreens with high light-transmittance ratio and stability, low maintenance with minimal or no need of recalibration after production, long life span, anti-interference, anti-corrosion and multi-touch capability, supporting up to 20 points of contact with the screen and 20 gestures, and in different structures and sizes for a wide range of different applications.The Company sells touchscreen products both domestically in China and internationally, covering major areas in China, Taiwan, South Korea, and Germany.